You might be overcomplicating things…

Get a peek into the diary of Venn's Product Lead as she visits Kansas City to meet face-to-face with property managers, leasing agents, and residents. She shares anecdotes, impressions and insights on why community and centralization are key.  Read more →

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The Next Gen of Resident Experience: Five Takeaways for Multifamily Operators

Venn CEO and cofounder's take on what lies ahead for the industry and how can tech and data help. Read more →


How to maximize today's tech to scale your operations 

Our VP of Product offers his take on how to simplify your team’s tech stack and improve resident experience. Read more →

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Tap into the power of community leaders 

Want to boost resident engagement? Our head of community shows how to partner with active residents in your community.  Read more →


Human connections vs. WiFi connections

Our hospitality team recommends 6 easy steps you can take to build community among your residents.  Read more →


You’re only as good as your communication

Our Lead Neighborhood Manager offers her tips on simple ways to improve your communication channels.  Read more →


You should be thinking differently about retention

One of the biggest factors impacting renewals is not what you think. Here our CEO uncovers what really drives retention.  Read more →

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